Learn to Have Integrity Like a Child

With Confidence of a Pickup Artist

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Learn to Have Integrity Like a Child With Confidence of a Pickup Artist

Published: 2015-11-29

Table of Contents

1. The Spirit of a Child2. Efficient Way to Gain Experience3. Reinvent Yourself Constantly4. Know Your Real Potential5. Level Up Deliberately6. Make It Easy7. Do Things That You Will Thank Yourself for for Years to Come8. Gain Deep Wisdom9. Get the Confidence of a Pickup Artist (Without Being Manipulative)Feedback

1. The Spirit of a Child

To make the most out of life one needs a good spirit. I believe that we are born with this spirit. This is my observation of young children. Perhaps it's the spirit of wildlife? To face life and consequences with experience, trial and error, rather than only intellectually.Many of these seemingly inborn characteristics are practiced in personal development courses. The basic strategy here however is to achieve that spirit, and intelligently evolve from there.

Why did we lose this spirit anyway? Perhaps because in school we are taught that there is always one answer that is right (and everything else is wrong), and anything but obedience means trouble (even if it means to follow our hearts or live with great spirit).

2. Efficient Way to Gain Experience

Try everything. It goes without saying to try things that doesn't harm anyone or yourself. Apart from that, try out loads of things you never thought you would do, or things you never even knew anyone would do. You'll get a broad perspective on life from this, both about yourself and other people and situations, even if many of the things you try are small and simple.

And do try different kinds of meditation, until you find at least one that you like. Meditation is a catalyst to all kinds of success!

3. Reinvent Yourself Constantly

Be open both to experiences and people. Don't judge others but respect them for what they do and where they come from. Be open to the things suggested on this list, and you will see results!

4. Know Your Real Potential

No matter what happens, there is always the possibility of things turning out in a good way. Even better than you expect. This is a fact. Understand that this is a fact before reading further, and learn to remember this in daily life. Good things might happen the very last minute, as long as you are still open for them. If you think you're being realistic by being pessimistic - you're not. You might just be throwing away your opportunities before even giving them a chance.

5. Level Up Deliberately

Anything you do might be difficult in the beginning. It will get easy if you practice. Anything you want to be good at - try to do it a hundred, or even a thousand, times without worrying about failing or succeeding. Just do it and count each time as experience points. A master has failed more times than you have tried.

6. Make It Easy

Take small steps. Small steps means smaller risks and quicker benefits. It also means that it's easier to get started and you can take action more often. And if that's not good enough you can see small steps as a warm up - they often inspire you to go further. Also see: this article.

7. Do Things That You Will Thank Yourself for for Years to Come

Find your purpose. Follow your heart. This pretty much means that you do what you want to do, rather than what others around you expect. Build up the courage to do it as much as possible, and learn to do it in ways that make you love life as much as you can! You will thank yourself for years to come.

8. Gain Deep Wisdom

Intuition might be referred to as what your gut is telling you. It may also be anything you know without being able to explain why, or even to just listen to your true emotions (or bodily signals). Intuition brings great benefits in terms of meaningfulness, purpose and self-fulfillment. This is deep stuff, so make sure to do it thoroughly.

9. Get the Confidence of a Pickup Artist (Without Being Manipulative)

To approach someone you're attracted to means to risk being rejected. This requires a lot of courage, and can hold a lot of resistance. So might as well accept it and face it over and over again.

Being rejected is somewhat synonymous to never being a victim. Rejection can be overcome, and in overcoming it you will realize that if you are rejected it's not about you (as long as you are respectful and kind, without any need to be sugary).

Mostly it might just be you thinking you are rejected when you weren't. And even if you were rejected, it was probably not a big deal. It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you, but your timing was wrong, or you were clumsy (but learned from it). And if you really were rejected, it probably tells more about the person rejecting you than about you. And when you gain this superpower you will be confident. And you will never be a victim unless you convince yourself that you are.

And don't be manipulative. Expressing yourself from your heart means faster progress.


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