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Interview: How Does One Become a Hero?

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How2Hero Interview Podcast SuperHero

Marco Deb Interview: How Does One Become a Hero?

Published: 2015-11-26

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Listen to the Podcast InterviewAbout Marco Deb, #SuperHeroFeedback

Listen to the Podcast Interview

Here Marco tells us in depth about what he loves about life, one of his greatest insights, and how to become a hero.
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About Marco Deb, #SuperHero

To change the world we need to follow our dreams.
– Marco Deb
  • Brief: A very peaceful, and loving being. Optimistic and hopeful. Believes in infinite possibilities. Very devoted to his Earth Mission.
  • Earth Mission: To raise the collective consciousness, permanently and significantly.
  • Life Skill: Love people and perceive people's minds in a way to be able to coach them emotionally.
  • Superpower: Empathy.
  • What the world needs: Peacefulness. People need to be able to handle their emotions and thoughts more effectively, to live in a peaceful state of being. We get new and better ideas from being peaceful.
  • Wants to do for the world: Help people to find inner peace and master their own mental faculties – self mastery. The main goal is Mental training for children in schools, so that they learn how to master themselves and create beautiful lives.

Hero Marco Deb

How2Hero Interview Podcast SuperHero

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