Level Up the Mind to an HD Bitrate

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Activity LevelUp Meditation

Level Up the Mind to an HD Bitrate

Published: 2015-11-30

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Why It's Good

Through meditation and techniques of Tantra and Yoga, one can improve the experience of reality similar to improving the bit depth of computer graphics (or bitrate of audio/video). The experience is similar to removing a fog one didn't know was there. The benefits are to experience life with more depth, intensity, purpose and insight, as these are natural, high quality parts of the depths of the mind and soul (consciousness).

How It Works

If you look at these pictures of Super Mario, the version on the right side has a higher bit (color) depth than the left one.

Similarly, one who has done no meditation at all might see reality as the image on the left, whereas someone who has some experience may have upgraded one's perception to be more like the one on the right.

The right image was impressive (in comparison to the left one) when it came out. Today none of them are, because we are used to much more detailed high resolution graphics.

How To Do It

This is a matter of practice. Results may vary a lot, both in quality and the time it takes to see them (but at least practice for some months to begin seeing early results). Here are the basics:

Activity LevelUp Meditation

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