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Meditation with a Piece of Paper

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Self Inquiry Meditation with a Piece of Paper

Published: 2015-11-22

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What It's Good for

There are countless methods of meditation, and although I would recommend people to find and practice one they like that involves their inner world fully, there are many benefits to do meditation-like exercises with a pen and a piece of paper too.

One of the easiest ways to focus the mind on a single idea is to write about it, because the pen and paper keeps reminding you of the task (even if you haven't written anything yet). Also, if you are meditating on some topic, you can use the pen and paper to reflect your mind.

Since it helps your mind focus on an idea, it creates the experience you have, which in fact shapes the way the brain is structured! (See link below).

How to Do it

Using a pen and paper for meditation can be done in many ways:

Further Inquiry

The above inquiries are just suggestions. I suggest you try them out a few times. Once you get the hang of it, you can make your own tweaks, or even your own inquiries. You can even make an inquiry to find new ones.

Another thing you can try, is to find a friend and ask/answer these inquiries to one another a few times, while listening attentively. This is an amazing exercise that will also help you and your friend be able to synergize one another with your different perspectives and support!

Write Me

Tell me in the comments below which inquiries were the best for you! And if you thought of any that you are inspired to try out!

Even Further Inquiry

Happy All the Time (Science and Gratitude)
Video: The Experiences We Have Shapes the Way the Brain Is Structured - with Dr. Dan Siegel.

Activity Brainstorming Meditation Science

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