Earth Mission

Mission Earth

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Who We Are

We are those who trust in intuition;
those with a clear conscience.
We are all of those who honour, respect and protect Mother Nature,
and those who have done so throughout history,
and those who will continue to do so, forever.

And we cooperate,
cocreate as one family,
even if we have not yet come to know of one another's existence.

We are the Eternally New Children.

What We Do

Through meditation we discover and reinvent a lifestyle,
to live and spread
sustainable health and happiness,
for all beings,
adjusted to modern people and modern ways.

This lifestyle is accessible by doing the things written about on this website.

Our Mission

Our Mother,
is calling us.

There is endless beauty here,
in the human potential,
and in nature,
beyond our wildest fantasies.

To live that:
we need to express our true nature;
cultivate our essence of wonderful beauty;
and live that which ignites our beings as divine light.

Join us in the revolution.
Be the hero you were meant to be.

Beyond that horizon,
is Reality 2.0.

We create it together.


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